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Recycle Your Eclipse Glasses! (Return them to your school.)

Posted Date: 4/09/24 (3:23 PM)

Dear families, staff, and students --

If you enjoyed yesterday's eclipse, pass on the joy by recycling your eclipse glasses (we won't need them for another 20 years). Return glasses in good condition to one of our Charlottesville City Schoolsor Warby Parkerat Barracks Rd.

We loved watching our students and staff experience the eclipse yesterday! Pictures are up on social media, or look below to capture some of the learning, enjoyment, and awe that our school communities experienced. Thanks to our coordinator of science and innovation, Dr. Tonya Coffey, for ordering eclipse glasses and preparing our schools and families with learning resources!

Two options for recycling eclipse glasses that are still in good condition:

  1. Bring them to your school
  2. Bring them to Warby Parker at Barrack's Road (1039 Emmet St. N.)
The non-profit Astronomers Without Borders will take donated glasses, ensure they are safe, and give them to others to enjoy the next solar eclipse. You can drop off eclipse glasses in good condition at Warby Parker locations or at your child’s school. The nonprofit will take those recycled glasses to underserved communities around the world for future eclipses.

eclipse-watcher at Greenbrier
eclipse-watchers at Lugo-McGinness
eclipse-watchers at Jackson-Via

eclipse-watchers at Johnson
eclipse-watchers at Burnley-Moran

eclipse-watchers at Buford (including special guest from the Jordan family)

eclipse-watchers Clark
eclipse-watchers at Walker